AK Locksmiths has been installing grilles, roller shutters, and barred gates for residential and business customers for more than 20 years. These products serve as a visual and physical deterrent to would-be criminals, and protect your valuables from forced entry when standard windows and door locks might falter.
Many different grilles are available to suit differing needs and applications. Small openings are well-suited to mesh or single-bar installations. Larger openings may require barred gates, collapsible gates, or fixed-bar grilles within a frame.

Mesh Grilles

Allow our experts to install mesh grilles for the protection of glazed windows and doors from forced entry. The mesh grilles we provide may be powder coated in most colours. Three sizes of diamond mesh, and three sizes of square mesh, are available. Mesh grilles provide an effective visual deterrent in spaces which are too small for collapsible gates.

Internal Bar and External Bars

We’ll install internal bars within your property. These are available in 12mm and 15mm square bar sizes, making them ideal for windows. Our external bars are available in sizes of 16mm and 20mm in solid round or square shapes.

Barred Gates

Our barred gates take the form of 30mm or 50mm steel box sections with either 16mm or 20mm solid bars. These gates provide a physical and visual deterrent – offering you a feeling of safety and security whether at work or home. These gates are ideal for side entrances to your property, as well as front and back doors. These robust gates allow air and light to come through while leaving your property secure. Skilled and professional, we’ll also fit additional shark tooth spikes to the top of the gates – preventing attempts to climb over.

Collapsible Gates

Retractable gate systems have become popular for homeowners looking to add some extra security to their properties. These gates are perfect for ground-floor windows and patio doors, where attempted break-ins regularly occur.