Free standing safes


Used for: Valuables, jewellery, cameras and other expensive items Burglary protection: S2, EN 14450

Volume: 15 to 76 litres Earth safes can be fitted with either key lock or electronic lock.

With certified S2 protection, Earth safes offer the highest level of burglary resistance in the Elements family. Perfect for an expensive camera or that special piece of jewellery.

£4000.00 cash rating £40,000.00 Jewellery




Used for: Cash, keys, valuables Burglary protection: Grade I, EN 1143-1 Volume: 40 to 153 litres

Cobra Pro is a Grade I safe that can fitted with either a Class A mechanical key lock or a Class B high-security electronic lock, approved in accordance with EN 1300. A new feature is the integrated LED light which turns on when the safe door opens. This is available for models with electronic locking. Cobra Pro has an ergonomic, soft-touch handle, interior ladder racking system and thinner walls for increased internal capacity.




Used for: Documents and valuables Burglary protection: Grade 0 – I, EN 1143-1 Fire protection: S 60 P, EN 1047-1 Volume: 40 to 443 litres Besides their efficient burglary protection, DuoGuard safes also have an efficient fire protection for documents. By using a data media insert, you can add fire protection for data media as well. DuoGuard is available with key locks and high-security electronic locks which have been tested by ECB•S and certified in accordance with the EN 1300 standard. DuoGuard safes are available in different sizes and have a wide selection of interior fittings